July - 4 - 2013

Gamma Development Corporation has developed its project management skills over the years and built up best practices for managing the most complex of projects. Our project management teams focus on client priorities, making sure business objectives are met in the most safe, cost-effective and timely manner. Our objective is to bring projects in on time and within budget.
Our project professionals have built up significant experience in understanding customer needs, developing a feasible project plan, mobilizing the necessary resources— from around the globe if necessary— and delivering the project to the set objectives. During the different phases of the project, the communications with all project sponsors and stakeholders are critical to the success


22We combine detailed technical knowledge of project activities, such as contract administration, risk management and cost estimating, with a broad awareness of industry and business drivers. And we believe in minimising risks; we utilise a tailored and integrated set of tested project management processes and systems, which provides a solid basis for consistent and rigorous project delivery.

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