July - 4 - 2013

As part of its EPCM services, Gamma Development Corporation offers comprehensive engineering studies for a variety of applications.
After the conception design phase and feasibility studies, a project enters the engineering phase, another area in which Gamma Development Corporation excels, offering progressive Basic Engineering Design (BED), Front-end Engineering Design (FEED) and Detailed Engineering services

5Our engineering studies cover the following:
⦁    Process
⦁    Fixed Equipment
⦁    Pressure vessels
⦁    Rotating equipments
⦁    Instrumentation
⦁    Control Systems
⦁    Electrical facilities
⦁    Piping
⦁    Cost control and scheduling
Basic Engineering Design (BED)

Gamma Development Corporation is highly adept in the preparation and delivery of Basic Engineering Packages (BEPs). As a minimum, our BEPs cover the following:
⦁    Conceptual process studies
⦁    Preliminary Piping and Instrument Diagrams (P&IDs)
⦁    Project Design Basis and Process Description
⦁    Definition and sizing of main equipment resulting in process specifications
⦁    Definition of control and safety devices
⦁    Hazard Study Data and Area Classification Diagram
⦁    Basic studies required to support a Basic Engineering Design Package
⦁    Equipment List and Equipment Process Data Sheets
⦁    Process Instrumentation Philosophy and Logic Diagram

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