July - 4 - 2013

Gamma Development Corporation covers the entire procurement cycle, ensuring that technical and commercial support is provided wherever and whenever it’s needed.
We aim for timely delivery of all project materials and services, in line with required specifications and defined budgets. Our services range from preparation of contracting and procurement strategies to detailed site material control.

The company has a great local understanding and reach to the different markets in the region. Gamma Development Co. was able to create a strong customer network within and outside of the Iran in a very short period of time.
Today, the company is considered to be one of the strongest distributors of a wide number of International Industrial Brands in the region with a huge amount of yearly turnover.
Our strength is in our engineering knowledge and long-time international supplier experience which allow us to provide fast, reliable and economical services for the Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Repair and Calibration of different kinds of equipment systems.
Our procurement network has extensive experience in all areas of procurement in the oil & gas industry, covering the entire value chain:
⦁    Identification of requirements
⦁    Sub-contractors / suppliers pre-qualification
⦁    Bid list preparation
⦁    Request for proposal formulation
⦁    Proposal / bid evaluation
⦁    Material and service sub-contracting
⦁    Contract negotiations
⦁    Contract management and amendment
⦁    Comprehensive quality assurance and control
⦁    Material control and inspection
⦁    Logistics and transportation
⦁    Contractor/vendor performance rating

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Controlled and is used to automate the machines tools for the production of components or products. The CNC machining involves end to end design of the component with CAD CAM systems. The CAD/CAM systems create commands which can automatically operate the CNC machines.

⦁    These machines are appropriate for precise manufacturing according to DIN Specification tool accuracy. All types of below –mentioned operations can be done on this machine:
⦁    Turning , facing,  boring , tapering , holes drilling
⦁    Threading: metric, screw, modular, diameter pitch
⦁    Programming, Once standardized, the program can be used for repeated production of a component
⦁    A wide range of spindle turning speed is possible which allows to machine the part in optimal machining parameters and where the most economically engine’s power is consumed.
8There are numerous benefits of using CNC machines for production

⦁    You can achieve high volumes
⦁    Once standardized, the program can be used for repeated production of a component
⦁    Low cost of production
⦁    High quality production is achieved as there is little human factor involved
⦁    Cycle time of production is reduced with automation
⦁    Repeat customers
Centrifugal Pumps (API 610)
A centrifugal pump is one of the simplest pieces of equipment.  Its purpose is to convert energy of an electric motor or engine into velocity or kinetic energy and then into pressure of a fluid that is being pumped.  The energy changes occur into two main parts of the pump, the impeller and the volute. The impeller is the rotating part that converts driver energy into the kinetic energy.  The volute is the stationary part that converts the kinetic energy into pressure.
⦁    Horizontal Centrifugal Pump    ⦁    Vertical Centrifugal Pump
9Positive Displacement Pumps (API 675, 676)
The most obvious reason to use a PD pump is when you have a high viscosity application. It is common knowledge that a centrifugal becomes very inefficient at even modest viscosity. In fact PD pumps are very commonly used on thin liquids like ammonia and solvents.  Another reason to use a PD pump would be if the application has variable pressure conditions. A PD pump will give near constant flow that makes it possible to match the flow to the process requirements.

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