July - 4 - 2013

Gamma Development Corporation was founded in 2010, its initial focus being product supply and service provision to the oil & gas industry.
Gamma Development Corporation is registered in Iran and has located the representative offices in several places in Middle East to support development in these regions, providing maximum local resources deployment and also to ensure accessibility and quick response to engineering and procurement needs of most oil and gas operators with the most efficient cost and timely delivery.
After several years of steady growth, with many of the oil & gas industry’s leading lights having joined our client list, we began to expand our scope both geographically and strategically.
Gamma Development Corporation office ensures accessibility and easy communication with most oil and gas operating representative offices in Middle East. Depending on Client requirement, Gamma Development Corporation is willing to adjust new office location to suit Client requirements and man days required to execute projects.
Gamma Development Corporation is fast gaining ground and recognition in the industry, having qualified and experienced project management professionals and Engineering consultants that ensure quality services covering all aspects of clients’ projects requirements in the “real time”.

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